Back on board

Two weeks ago I accidentally deleted my WordPress blog. All 79 posts were lost. Though I am disappointed to lose some of them, I know also that most of my entries, especially in the last couple of months, were just long moans about my physical pain and my frustration with life.

Everyone gets tired of that kind of moaning after a while, so I hope that there will be less whining and more positivity in this new blog. Though I am in constant pain, I’m trying to remember that life is worth celebrating. I just have to be more attuned to what is good and wholesome and to remember that there are people out there who love me more than I deserve.

Author: frommypulpit

I'm a Redemptorist preacher and writer, with an interest in history, politics, and sport, who is living with chronic back pain.

4 thoughts on “Back on board”

  1. Gerry you don’t know me.I am Claire Deanes Mammy.I have followed your journey through Facebook and prayed to God to give you some peace with your pain.Hopefully someone somewhere will come up with a solution to give you a happier pain free life.I keep you in my prayers every night so hopefully one of these nights he will say it is Father Gerrys turn tonight to get the help he needs.God bless you and always know that there are plenty of people rooting for you Best wishes from Deirdre.

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  2. As a writer and fellow human being just want to say a big UGH over the loss of your 79 posts. Letting go of it, even if it was posts about your pain is still a tough loss. Good for you for logging back on and expressing resilience. To err is human to get back up is Divine.

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